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To find out more about how insulation can benefit your business, please contact one of our Certified Energy Appraisers:

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Energy Audits and Appraisals

Energy conservation is an integral part of the overall process of creating a more environmentally friendly standard of living for all of us. A Crossroads C&I Certified Energy Appraiser has the training and knowledge to provide you with a report specifically tailored to inform you of the greenhouse gases that can be saved by way of insulation based solutions applied to and/or installed on your property.

What is an Insulation Energy Appraisal?

A Crossroads C&I Certified Energy Appraiser has the ability to give facility/energy managers a better understanding of the true dollar and performance value of their insulated systems and provide the necessary information on which an analysis can be performed to determine the way(s) in which insulation can benefit your particular facility and optimize your total energy usage. Once the appraiser has completed the analysis, you will be presented with a final report that will include data on your current energy usage and a detailed plan for a customized insulation solution for your energy needs.

How does an Energy Appraisal lead to cost savings for my business?

  • A properly designed and installed insulation system leads to immediate energy reductions; energy usage is a costly element of every product made.
  • Reduced heat loss or gain helps to maintain a process temperature to a pre-determined value.
  • Specifying sufficient insulation thickness with a good vapor retarder is the most effective method of controlling condensation and limiting corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers, and roof drains.

Can an Energy Appraisal lead to a safer workplace for my employees?

Yes. Thermal insulation is one of the most effective ways of protecting workers from being burnt as a result of contact with hot or extremely cold piping and equipment. With the specification tools available to our Certified Energy Appraisers, it is very easy to calculate the insulation thickness necessary to bring surface temperatures of piping and equipment to safe levels.