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We’re your one-stop shop for marine-rated mineral wool, fiberglass, foam, high melting temp fibers, and a variety of CCI marine facings. Our comprehensive range of marine insulation products is specially made for maritime applications and the materials are chosen specifically to make maritime vessels safer. Crossroads C&I only supplies marine insulation and related products that are certified by Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard.

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About Marine Insulation

Marine insulation is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements as set by Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard. As a non-combustible product, it provides thermal protections that are crucial for hulls, bulkheads, and decks in the ship-building industry. Our marine insulation can be used in maritime vessels and on equipment, to improve energy usage, increase safety measures, and mitigate excessive noise.

What Is Marine Insulation?

Marine insulation is a type of specialized thermal, acoustic, and fire protection insulation that is designed for maritime vessels and associated equipment. It is a crucial component in maritime structures for regulating temperature, preventing condensation, and absorbing mechanical sounds. It is designed to be used to withstand harsh conditions that are found in maritime settings, such as corrosive saltwater.

Marine insulation is used on ships, offshore platforms, and other marine structures to mitigate corrosion from the excessive exposure to moisture and provide thermal, acoustic, and fire protections as well.

What Kind Of Insulation Is Used On Ships?

The kind of insulation that is used on ships is called marine insulation, which uses various materials to provide fire protection, thermal performance, and sound absorption.

Materials used to make marine insulation include mineral wool, fiberglass, foam, and high melting temp fibers. These materials are resistant to corrosion and moisture, which are common challenges in maritime applications due to the destructive nature of water to metals and other maritime vessel materials.

Why Choose Crossroads C&I For Your Marine Supplies?

As requirements for marine insulation have become more stringent in the past decade, Crossroads C&I has kept up with them by taking specifications as seriously as the governing bodies that declare them.

In addition to being the leading distributor and fabricator of insulation in Canada, we are also a Transport Canada-approved laminator of marine-grade insulations for thermal protection and non-combustible, structural fire applications, making us the trusted supplier of marine insulation for hulls, bulkheads, and decks in the ship-building industry.

We’re committed to only distributing approved materials to help keep you safe at sea with a vessel equipped with fire protection insulation that also provides thermal and acoustic benefits.

What Is The Best Marine Insulation?

The best marine insulation depends on the specific needs of the buyer, vessel, and equipment. There are some types of marine insulation that would be excellent for pipes in maritime vessels, but would be useless in hulls.

For example, marine-rated mineral wool is a versatile insulation solution for a variety of temperature applications such as boilers, vessels, tanks, ducts, ovens, mufflers, and exhaust stacks. However, for noise reduction between decks of a maritime vessel, marine outfitting insulation would be a better option.

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