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Crossroads  C&I is the leading distributor and fabricator of insulation supplies and products. We work to make our customers’ lives easier by delivering quality products and value-added solutions. This includes our top-of-the-line fabrication services. At Crossroads C&I, the fabrication possibilities are endless due to our strategic investments in cutting-edge fabrication technology and specialized equipment. 

We offer made-to-order fabricated products including custom metal, insulation, and accessories fabrication so you can optimize your time in the field.

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About Fabrication

Fabrication is a must-have service for our customers looking to streamline their production. It removes the obstacles that can make installation processes cumbersome and time-consuming, such as adverse weather conditions or cramped spaces. Custom insulation fabrication from Crossroads C&I allows you to cut labor costs and accelerate on-site installation times by utilizing our team of innovative in-house experts. For a quick and easy solution for complicated industrial insulation installations, consider using us as a trusted partner for your fabrication needs.

What Is Fabrication?

Fabrication is the process of creating, building, or constructing a product through techniques like cutting, shaping, and assembling raw materials. It involves transforming those materials into finished products or structures, often following a specific design or set of specifications.

There are different types of fabrication including mechanical, insulation, and industrial fabrication. Experienced fabrication professionals, such as Crossroads C&I, utilize a range of cutting-edge tools, machinery, and techniques to produce items with precision so the final product meets the intended purpose or design requirements.

What Materials Are Used For Fabrication?

Materials for fabrication will vary greatly based on the intended application. For industrial fabrication, some examples of materials that are used include metals like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, plastics, such as acrylic or PVC, and composites, which are materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber with resins, for a durable product with reduced weight.

For insulation fabrication, materials that are commonly used include mineral wool, polyisocyanurate, and other materials that are chosen for their thermal, acoustic, and fire protection performance capabilities.

Why Choose Crossroads C&I For Your Fabrication Supplies?

After being in business for more than 60 years, Crossroads C&I has grown its expertise and offerings to make us your one-stop-shop for all your insulation and fabrication needs.

With our experience, we’ve fabricated items to our customers’ specifications including insulation vessel heads, metal end caps and bevels, custom insulation fittings, and more.

You can leverage our expertise and technology for the fabrication of needed items in a more economical manner and delivered directly to your site.

How Does Custom Fabrication Work?

Custom fabrication involves tailoring products to specific design requirements. The first step for custom fabrication usually begins with detailed specifications or drawings provided by the client.

Next, skilled fabricators use those specs along with techniques, such as cutting, welding, and shaping, to transform raw materials into the designed custom product.

Clear communication between clients and fabricators is key for a successful fabrication process. This allows for adjustments and refinements so the customer ends up with exactly what they need for the project.

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