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Commercial Insulation

Our superior insulation solutions are used in commercial spaces throughout Canada including office centers, schools, government buildings, film studios, warehouses, apartment buildings, and more.

We supply a full range of commercial insulation including fiberglass insulation, mineral wool, PVC jacketing, elastomeric insulation, extruded polystyrene foam, and more. As your one-stop shop for commercial insulation products, we also offer high-quality accessories to ensure efficient and secure installation.

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About Commercial Insulation

Commercial insulation is specifically made to meet commercial construction demands, including thermal control, fire resistance, and sound absorption. Commercial insulation has various benefits in a finished structure, such as greater environmental comfort inside buildings. It also helps with the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, which can provide cost savings. Even with Canada’s fluctuating weather conditions, commercial insulation helps to keep public structures, such as schools and office centers, comfortable for all their occupants.

What Is Commercial Insulation?

Commercial insulation is made from specialized materials that are designed to regulate temperature, enhance energy efficiency, and absorb excessive sounds in various commercial settings, such as apartment buildings, schools, and government buildings.

Materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, and foam board are used to create barriers that provide fire resistance, temperature regulation, and sound absorption for comfortable interior environments. Commercial insulation is found in almost every building that you enter every day, from the supermarket to the bank. It is crucial for comfortable and safe commercial structures.

What Materials Are Used in Commercial Insulation?

The materials that are used in commercial insulation vary depending on the type of insulation. However, all of the materials used for commercial insulation are selected for specific benefits. For example, fiberglass is often used in commercial insulation because of its fire resistance properties and it’s ability to act as an excellent thermal and acoustic barrier.

Other materials that are used in commercial insulation include mineral wool, extruded polystyrene foam, cellulose, and natural fibers.

Why Choose Crossroads C&I For Your Commercial Insulation Supplies?

For more than 60 years, Crossroads C&I has been known throughout Canada as the leading distributor and fabricator of insulation products. Using our extensive expertise in commercial insulation, we stand as a preferred insulation partner, providing exceptional products and services.

Our wide-range of commercial products are reviewed by our dedicated employees to ensure product quality, packaging, storage, and delivery value. We’re committed to offering top-notch commercial insulation solutions so you can have the materials you need for an expertly completed project.

What Kind Of Insulation Is The Best For Commercial Buildings?

The best commercial building insulation will vary from structure to structure, considering how many different buildings fall into the “commercial” category.

Crossroads C&I strongly encourages our customers to conduct a complete energy audit before committing to any commercial insulation. This will help you to identify the location (or potential locations) of major heat loss points for your building structure. After the audit, our team of insulation experts can help you choose the commercial insulation that is best-suited for your building.

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