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As a leading distributor and fabricator of insulation products, we serve industrial and commercial insulation contractors, buyers, resellers, and more.

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Serving Insulation Contractors and Buyers Across Canada

Customers across industries, from large industrial sites to food processing centers, trust us as their insulation distributor and fabricator. We offer a complete range of industrial and commercial thermal and acoustical insulation products. From low-temperature cryogenic to high-temperature refractory applications, our insulation products are versatile and reliable, just like our customers.

Insulation Contractors

Insulation contractors rely on Crossroads C&I to access a wide range of high-quality insulation products tailored to their specific needs. We provide insulation solutions for various applications including industrial, commercial, and marine.

You can count on us for insulation products that have high-quality capabilities for both thermal and acoustic needs, from energy-efficient heating and cooling applications as well as top-notch noise reduction.

Featured Products

Fiberglass Pipe - Fiberglass

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Fiberglass pipe insulation is a type of glass wool insulation that is designed to specifically fit and insulate pipes of all sizes.

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PVC Jacketing - Commerical Insulation

PVC Jacketing

A durable protective covering for insulated or bare pipes that’s available in various forms for customized insulation options.

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We deliver industrial insulation solutions specially made for different applications, meeting the demands of Canada’s industrial sectors including oil and gas processing, refineries, power generation, and petrochemical sectors. Our products are reliable in extreme conditions, providing superior thermal performance, noise reduction, and powerful fire and water resistance.

Designed to safeguard personnel, equipment, and the environment, pipe and vessel insulations supplied by Crossroads C&I ensure reliable protection from the challenges of harsh climates and industrial settings.

Featured Products


Mineral Wool Pipe Insulation

Mineral wool pipe insulation is a type of insulation that can be made from different materials including inorganic fibers derived from basalt.

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Mineral wool board - Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool Board

Mineral wool board is made from basalt rock and slag. It is a noncombustible solution for industrial use on equipment and structures, offering thermal efficiency, fire resistance, and sound absorption.

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Metal Jacketing

A tough and durable solution that acts as a protective outer surface for insulation systems.

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Crossroads C&I serves various partners in the commercial sectors like firestop contractors, drywall contractors, restoration companies, and more. Our commercial insulation products are integral in buildings across Canada, including hospitals, office centers, schools, government institutions, residential projects, commercial retail units, and warehouses.

You can rely on us for commercial solutions that enhance indoor comfort and protection, featuring fire protection, water resistance, sound control, and significant cost savings through improved energy efficiency.

Featured Products

Fiberglass Board

Fiberglass Board Insulation

Fiberglass board insulation is a type of insulation that is made of inorganic fiberglass with a thermosetting resin.

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Elastomeric Insulation

Perfect for mechanical applications and commonly used for condensation control on piping, vessels, and ducts.

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CrossRockPG in parking garage

CrossRock PG

CrossRock PG is a semi-rigid mineral wool insulation board.

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We offer a comprehensive range of acoustical insulation products tailored specifically to minimize external noise for a quiet, focused atmosphere. We provide insulation solutions for acoustical treatment contractors, film studios, hospitals, schools, and public buildings needing efficient insulation for optimal acoustical performance.

Our extensive range of products is carefully curated to provide exceptional sound control, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment while prioritizing the specific needs of our valued customers.

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Food Processing

We provide unique food processing insulation solutions for our customers. Cold storage units and facilities are crucial to the supply chain and safe food processing.

We help facilities that process meat and fish, preserve fruits and vegetables, mill, bake, brew and distill, and process milk. Many customers use our insulation products to save on energy costs that are normally associated with maintaining the appropriate temperature for cold storage units.

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As a reseller, you need a trusted partner to supply reliable insulation products that will help you grow your business. We are proud to serve a wide range of resellers, including wholesalers and supply stores, plumbing wholesalers, building supply retailers, and lumber yards.

We have the insulation supplies you need to serve a wide range of markets. As Canada’s leading insulation distributors, we have the resources to fulfill the needs of high-volume resellers across the country.

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Other Industry Buyers

Our comprehensive range of products enables us to serve countless other industry buyers including HVAC contractors, sheet metal contractors, OEM contractors, plumbers, mechanical contractors, general contractors, asbestos abatement contractors, and marine outfitting contractors.

When a contractor approaches us to fulfill an insulation order, we can distribute it or leverage our fabrication capabilities to make a customized insulation product to get you what you need. Crossroads C&I’s expert staff is dedicated to finding insulation solutions for a wide range of projects.

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Who We Serve

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