HVAC Overview

Crossroads C&I features a complete line of HVAC products for commercial applications, including duct liners, duct wrap insulations and all the accessories you need to install them quickly and effectively. Our products are designed for outstanding thermal and acoustical performance. They'll help you achieve the indoor air quality that benefits building occupants and long term sustainability that benefits the environment. You'll enjoy advanced energy efficiency and the operating cost savings that go with it. In addition to providing the products you want to work with, Crossroads C&I strives to be the company you want to work with.


A Better Solution for Schools, Hospitals and
Public Buildings

Designing and building any public facility must incorporate a concern for the students, patients and occupants of that building. It has been shown that the productivity of students, workers, and the health outcomes of patients can be markedly improved by an environment that features:

  • minimal external noise for a quiet, focused atmosphere
  • comfortable temperatures that prevent chills or overheating
  • moisture control to prevent mold growth