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About Dartmouth Branch

Located on 122 Dorey Avenue, Unit 8 Dartmouth, NS B3B 0B1, your Dartmouth Crossroads C&I branch is your experienced insulation distributor near you, packed full of top-notch insulation supplies as well as reliable insulation experts.

We carry a broad range of supplies to meet your industrial, commercial, and marine project needs, including corrosion prevention, oilfield supply, fire protection, and HVAC products as well as removable covers and accessories. As the leading insulation distributor in Canada, your local Crossroads C&I team, backed by experience and knowledge, is ready to help you find exactly what you need.

Get in touch with your trusted Crossroads C&I team at 122 Dorey Avenue, Unit 8 Dartmouth, NS B3B 0B1 today!

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Featured Insulation Products in Dartmouth

Marine Mineral Wool

Marine Mineral Wool

Marine mineral wool insulation is a type of noncombustible insulation that is an excellent choice for various maritime applications such as boilers, vessels, and piping systems.

This lightweight mineral wool insulation is designed to help with ideal thermal and fire protection performance. It is distributed in various forms, including mineral wool board and blanket. We’re the trusted insulation partner to offer marine fire protection products and have certificates of approval from the US Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and Lloyd’s Register.

workers fabricating rolls of insulation

Custom Insulation Fabrication

Our custom insulation fabrication offerings are the best choice for applications requiring complex shapes and sizes. They are especially advantageous for our customers needing pre-fabricated insulation products in industrial, commercial, and marine settings.

Our custom insulation fabrication is designed to help with complex insulation needs so you can cut labor costs and keep pace with your project without any delays. Maximize efficiency on your site with our custom insulation fabrication. 

Cross Rock PG product image

CrossRock PG

CrossRock PG is a semi-rigid mineral wool insulation board. It is a non-combustible, water-repellent, fire-resistant, and sound-absorbent insulation with low thermal conductivity. CrossRock is intended to be used as thermal and acoustic insulation in internal vertical distributive and separated partitions. 

CrossRockis engineered for parking garage under-decking applications and features a white polypropylene PSP facing (WMP 50) on one surface.

Crossroads C&I offers CROSSROCK fabrication for customized insulation solutions that are perfect for contributing to the construction of parking garages.

roll of duct liner

Duct Liner PM

Duct Liner PM is a flexible duct liner insulation made from durable glass fibers that are bonded with a thermosetting resin. For the protection of the airstream surface, there is a glass mat facing that contains an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent. Duct Liner PM is made by trusted insulation manufacturer Johns Manville and distributed by Canada’s leading insulation distributor and fabricator, Crossroads C&I. 

Johns Manville Duct Liner PM is manufactured with added reinforcements for a top-notch insulation solution. There is a factory-applied edge coating for code requirements and there are edge treatments that can be applied to shop fabrication cuts. Duct Liner PM is an ideal insulation solution for lining sheet metal ducts in air conditioning, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) systems so that it can provide acoustical and thermal benefits, allowing for the HVAC system to function at an optimal level.

We Provide Leading Insulation Supplies In Dartmouth

Crossroads C&I is an experienced and trusted distributor of insulation products and accessories throughout Canada, including near Dartmouth. We carry a wide range of top-notch insulation products for industrial, commercial, and marine applications. As an established distributor in Dartmouth, we can quickly source and insulation, metal, or fabricated product or accessory so you don’t have to worry about insulation supplies delaying your projects. Call your Dartmouth branch today!

Insulation Products We Offer in Dartmouth

Branch Service Areas in Dartmouth

  • Halifax
  • Dartmouth
  • Saint John
  • Sydney
  • Moncton
  • St. John’s
  • Chalottetown
  • Summerside
  • Long Harbour
  • Fredericton
  • Miramichi City
  • New Glasgow
  • Antigonish
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Serving Commercial and Industrial Industries in Dartmouth

When searching for insulation suppliers near you, there may be difficulties finding exactly what you need for your project. Crossroads C&I is the largest insulation distributor and fabricator in Canada and one of the reasons for that is because of the wide range of customers we serve. Crossroads C&I has offerings for nearly everyone whether you’re an insulation contractor, industrial buyer, commercial or mechanical contractor, reseller, acoustical client, or food processing company–we’ve got you covered for insulation supplies. Contact us today!

We Supply Dartmouth with Top Insulation Brands

As the leading insulation company in Dartmouth, we’re proud to distribute the top insulation brands you can trust. With more than 60 years of experience in the insulation industry, we know what quality looks like: it’s in the product, the delivery, and the customer service. Crossroads C&I carries the insulation products you know and trust including Johns Manville, 3M, ROCKWOOL, and Monokote. Contact the team at our Dartmouth branch to learn more about the best insulation products for your project.

Why Choose Crossroads as Your Dartmouth Insulation Supplier

Not all insulation suppliers are created equal. If you’re looking for a leading insulation company near you, Crossroads C&I is it. In addition to carrying top brands with superior products, we also pride ourselves on doing it right the first time. Crossroads C&I is committed to being the best insulation supplier in Dartmouth through quality assurance practices that are carried out with strategic systems to help ensure that our customers receive the right products for their projects.

We Provide Leading Insulation Fabrication Services to Dartmouth

As the leading insulation company in Dartmouth, we go above and beyond in the insulation industry by offering insulation fabrication services. For complex sizes and shapes or unique customization requirements, Crossroads C&I can provide you with high-quality fabrication services. We’ve strategically built our fabrication services through investments in innovative technology, equipment, and facilities. Leveraging designs and experts, we’re the top fabricator for custom insulation and metal needs. Contact your Dartmouth branch to learn more about our fabrication services today!

Branch Features

Dedication to Safety

Crossroads C&I prioritizes health and safety at all of our 14 branches, with the goal of a secure environment for employees, customers, and guests. In regions with stringent safety programs and recognition certificates, we ensure that eligible branches earn and maintain safety certifications. We believe that fostering a safe work environment acts as the foundation upon which to build a professional and trustworthy business.

Technician holding white hat safety hard hat sunlight background

Exceptional Customer Service

With more than 60 years of industry experience, our insulation expertise is extensive and reliable. We are the partner of choice for insulation customers throughout Canada, providing exceptional product value and customer service that helps you enhance your own reputation and drive expansion opportunities. Each and every one of our employees is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations for the best customer service around.

Professional construction industry driver giving thumbs up.

Reliable Product Availability

We’re known to our customers as the one-stop-shop for all their insulation, metal, fabrication, and accessories needs. We lead the industry for product availability with our wide selection of insulation products from trusted manufacturers. With our network of branches throughout the region, we can quickly deliver products to job sites to keep your projects running smoothly.

Health & Safety

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Crossroads C&I prioritizes creating safe and healthy workspaces across all of our branch locations.

Quality Assurance

We Get It Right The First Time

Quality assurance is crucial to us. We help ensure excellence in product quality, storage, and delivery.

Industry Experience

We Deliver Exceptional Value and Service

With our extensive industry experience and expertise, we are a partner of choice for our customers.

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