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Fire Protection

Fire protection products, also known as firestopping products, are crucial components to be installed in any structure whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial building. We have a wide range of fire protection insulation products that act as a passive complement to active fire prevention methods, such as tape, sealant, wrap, caulk, smoke detectors and sprinklers, and much more. We’re proud to specialize in the distribution of fire protection materials that are designed to compartmentalize and contain fire to the smallest possible area without needing secondary systems. Crossroads C&I is committed to sourcing the best firestopping products. We understand the importance of fire protection and the impact it has on preventing injuries and damage to property. View our selection of firestopping products for your next project.

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About Fire Protection

Fire protection is an essential component in a system designed to optimize safety for occupants in structures. Active fire protection measures, such as spray systems, are put into place in buildings. When human lives are on the line, it can be helpful to have a back-up fire protection system. That’s where passive fire protection measures come in, with products and devices manufactured to help slow the spread of fire with fire retardant materials so that all buildings are fitted with comprehensive fire protection.

What Are Fire Protection Products?

Fire protection products are complements to other components that are installed in structures, such as HVAC, electrical, or piping systems. While active measures for firestopping are implemented in buildings, such as sprinkler systems, fire protection products help provide a “back up” to stop the spread of fire should those active systems malfunction.

Fire protection products act as barriers to help stop or slow the spread of the elements that make fire so destructive including heat, smoke, and the fire itself.

What Materials Are Used in Fire Protection Products?

The materials that have been used in fire protection products have changed over the years and today there are different materials used in various fire protection products.

For example, firestopping insulation wrap is generally made from fiberglass, which is a fire-retardant material. Sealants are also firestopping products and come in tubes or tubs to be applied and distributed. They often use fire-retardant components for their firestopping capabilities, such as latex.

Regardless of the material that is used, all firestopping products are held to strict requirements that are set by international standards organizations, such as ASTM.

Why Choose Crossroads C&I For Your Fire Protection Supplies?

Crossroads C&I is proud to be Canada’s leading distributor of insulation supplies. For the convenience of our valued customers, we’ve chosen to partner with several trusted brands for the distribution of fire protection supplies. Each of these brands have comprehensive lines of fire protection products, making us your one-stop-shop for fire protection supplies.

From spray applied fireproofing to sealants to fire barrier duct wrap, we’ve got all the fire protection supplies you need to ensure that your project is safe and sound.

Where Should I Keep Fire Protection Products?

Each manufacturer will have instructions regarding the storage and handling of fire protection products. In general, it is recommended that fire protection products are stored at temperatures that are between 40°F to 90°F (4°C to 32°C) to ensure the integrity of the firestopping products.

Fire protection products should be kept in a cool, dry place for optimal shelf life. They should never be allowed to freeze because this may negatively affect the fire protection products’ reliability and durability.

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