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Insulation Accessories

Insulation accessories are essential for ensuring that insulation is installed effectively and efficiently. We’re ready to supply you with the insulation accessories you need including adhesives, mastics, duct sealants, weld pins, fasteners, anchors, tapes, caulking, and more.

Contact one of our experts to discuss exactly what insulation accessories you’ll need for your project so your job can run smoothly.

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About Insulation Accessories

Insulation accessories are needed for every insulation project to help secure the insulation or facilitate installation for insulation contractors. Crossroads C&I is Canada’s one-stop-shop for insulation and insulation accessories. Instead of having to deal with multiple distributors, make Crossroads C&I your go-to partner for insulation supplies.

What Are Insulation Accessories?

Insulation accessories are supplementary components that are crucial for effective insulation installations. Without insulation accessories, no job would be complete. Insulation accessories include products such as adhesives, fasteners, insulation tapes, caulking supplies, and insulation tools.

Insulation accessories are essential in industrial, commercial, and marine insulation projects to complement insulation materials for seamless and durable application. From aiding adhesion to facilitating secure fastening, insulation accessories play an important role in optimizing insulation performance and longevity.

What Materials Are Used in Insulation Accessories?

Insulation accessories use a range of materials tailored to specific functions, applications, and environment. For example, adhesives and mastics often consist of polymers, which are used for strong bonding of the insulation.

Other insulation accessories, such as weld pins, fasteners, and anchors, are usually made from durable metals, like stainless steel. Caulking supplies are made of flexible materials to seal gaps and may also contain fire-retardant materials if being leveraged as part of passive fire protection.

The use of different materials helps insulation accessories meet the various demands of insulation projects so insulation can be installed efficiently and serve its purpose of thermal, acoustic, and/or fire protection.

Why Choose Crossroads C&I For Your Insulation Accessory Supplies?

Crossroads C&I has everything you need. You need to get your insulation installed efficiently and safely; we’ve got the insulation accessories to help you do just that.

With more than 60 years of being Canada’s leading distributor and fabricator of insulation supplies, we’re the experts on everything insulation, including accessories. Make us your one-stop-shop to get all the insulation supplies you need so you can get your job done.

What Is The Best Way to Secure Insulation?

There are dozens of different types of insulation, so there are going to be a variety of ways to secure it. However, there is always one common denominator for securing insulation: high-quality insulation accessories.

The choice of insulation accessory depends on unique factors such as insulation type, environmental conditions, and project specifications.

If you’re not sure which insulation accessory would be optimal for securing the insulation on your project, contact one of the professionals at Crossroads C&I. We’ll make insulation accessory suggestions that are in adherence to industry standards so you can be confident that your insulation is secured properly for longevity and performance.

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