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PVC Dimple Wrap

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PVC Dimple Wrap

PVC Dimple Wrap, also known as Dimple Wrap, is a component of an insulation ventilation system designed to mitigate and prevent corrosion under insulation. It is made of high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material and is manufactured in PVC rolls of 3 ft × 50 ft. Dimple Wrap, manufactured by Integrity Products (a Canadian-owned company).

Dimple Wrap is a waterproof membrane designed specifically to create a consistent air gap between new insulation and metal cladding that helps to protect the piping system. It has perforations and raised dimples to allow any moisture or vapor trapped in the insulation to pass into the air gap that has been created, drain, and then exit the system through the drains. Dimple Wrap helps to eliminate the presence of moisture under insulation, which is the catalyst to corrosion and decay on piping systems.

Dimple Wrap can be installed on all types of newly-installed insulation, on all pipe sizes, and in hot and cold applications. Dimple Wrap is a superior solution for mitigating and preventing corrosion under insulation and we’re proud to be a distributor of this reliable and long-lasting solution.

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