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Oilfield Supply

Oilfield insulation products are vital components for the safety and functionality of the oil and gas industries including oil and gas exploration, drilling and production, refining, gas transmission, and gas distribution. We also supply oilfield insulation products for chemical, petrochemical, mining and other industrial markets. Crossroads C&I is your one-stop-shop for oilfield insulation products such as oilfield insulation wraps, polyiso, and hardshell urethane and more.

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About Oilfield Supplies

The oil and gas industries depend on oilfield supply stores for products to keep their systems maintained functioning. We’re the leading insulation distributor and fabricator proudly supplying oilfield insulation products in Canada.

What Is Oilfield Insulation?

Oilfield insulation refers to materials that are specially made for equipment and pipelines in the oil and gas industry to regulate temperature and protect against environmental factors. High-quality oilfield insulation is crucial in oilfields to prevent heat loss or gain so the equipment can operate efficiently. Additionally, it helps to maintain the integrity of pipelines by providing safeguarding with its durability and longevity.

Oilfield insulation products also help to protect professionals in oilfield settings and the environment itself. Oilfield insulation come in a variety of forms including wraps, pre-formed insulation systems, and custom-made solutions.

What Materials Are Used in Oilfield Insulation?

Oilfield insulation consists of a range of materials that are selected to provide effective thermal protection and safety. Materials that are commonly used in oilfield insulation products include rigid foam insulation, such as polyurethane and polyisocyanurate, for pipelines and equipment.

Other oilfield applications require flexible insulation, so materials like mineral wool or fiberglass are utilized for thermal resistance and fire resistance.

Additional materials used for oilfield insulation products include aluminum and stainless steel that are formed into jackets to be used as protective coverings.

Why Choose Crossroads C&I For Your Oilfield Insulation Supplies?

Crossroads C&I is the leading distributor and fabricator of insulation supplies including those that are in demand for the oil and gas industries. Since 1963, we’ve operated throughout Canada, giving us both experience and access to insulation products so we can quickly, efficiently, and reliably distribute them to our oilfield supply partners.

In addition to our ability to procure and distribute insulation products and accessories, we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations of quality and level of service. Our team of experts conduct quality control throughout the supply process to ensure that the customers of our oilfield supply partners only receive the best and most reliable insulation solutions.

What Is The Best Oilfield Insulation?

There are multiple crucial factors to consider when determining the best oilfield insulation for a particular application. These factors include temperature, pressure, and corrosive elements.

Commonly used oilfield insulation includes closed-cell foam insulation, mineral wool, and fiberglass. FOAMGLAS® insulation, a type of closed-cell insulation, is a great oilfield insulation for resisting moisture and providing thermal insulation. Mineral wool is known for its fire resistance and sound-absorbing properties. Fiberglass insulation has properties that make it excellent for applications that require high-temperature resistance. The best oilfield insulation choice depends on specific oilfield conditions and requirements.

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