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Textile fabrics are specialized materials that can be applied to different applications, such as insulation, filtration, and fire protection. These fabrics are usually made from durable fibers like glass, aramid, or polyester so they can be installed in industrial settings.

Our textile fabrics offer strength, flexibility, and resistance to harsh conditions. They are used in various industries including manufacturing, construction, and energy.

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Construction sites with portable fence parts that are installed in plastic weight racks hold the stability of the fencing. along the sidewalk made of interlocking paving

Hoarding Materials

Hoarding materials play a crucial role on construction sites serving to enclose unfinished projects and establish a protective barrier for both workers within the site and outsiders in the vicinity.

Hoarding materials are made from materials like steel or mineral wool and take the form of panels in various sizes. They are used in the creation of fire-resistant and flame-retardant hoarding systems that are commonly needed for construction sites, especially those within active areas, such as cities or remodels of industrial or commercial structures.

Since hoarding materials are durable and versatile, they can be used for the construction of robust barriers so that internal work on a site may progress regardless of adverse weather conditions. Hoarding materials help to keep employees safe and protect materials and equipment from the elements for an uninterrupted workflow, helping to minimize weather-related delays on construction sites.

Fire Blankets - Industrial

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets, also known as fire-rated insulation blankets, are passive fire protection insulation systems that are used to help mitigate the spread of fire through the protected ductwork and other systems in industrial settings. Fire blankets are made from fire-resistant materials such as calcia, magnesia, and silica and are often encapsulated in an aluminum foil, fiberglass reinforced scrim covering. These materials are combined to make a high-temperature insulation in a noncombustible blanket product form.

Fire blankets are available in rolls that are approximately 16” to 24” wide and can be 25’ feet long, but there are various lengths available for purchase. The thickness of fire blankets can vary and many are ½” thick, making this textile fabric pliable and protective.

Fire blankets are known for being able to withstand high-temperatures and for acting as a component for fire protection in industrial settings for air ventilation ducts, steel beams, fire system electrical components, wiring, PVC pipes, and more. In addition, fire blankets are often used as a safe and cost-effective way to meet building and mechanical code requirements.

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