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Crossroads C&I is your one-stop shop for all your insulation needs, including accessories! We have a complete range of insulation accessories to accompany our industrial, commercial, and marine insulation supplies. We have you covered for all your insulation accessory needs including insulation tape, fasteners, straps, caulk, and more.


Insulation Caulking

Insulation caulk is a commonly used insulation accessory and is often a crucial component for airtight seals within insulation systems. It is made of flexible materials, such as silicone or polyurethane, and can come in a variety of colors.

Insulation caulk is applied to seal joints, gaps, and seams in insulation with the purpose of mitigating air leakage and facilitating thermal efficiency. It can adapt to different surfaces, making it an excellent accessory for a variety of applications. Insulation caulk can expand or contract with temperature changes, allowing it to withstand various environments and atmospheres.

Insulation caulk provides multiple benefits, including protection against moisture infiltration, reducing energy loss, and contributing to the quality of overall building insulation. It complements insulation to create a tough barrier against drafts and environmental elements.

We have various insulation caulk offerings that come in different containers, sizes, and colors to fulfill your need for a protective insulation accessory.

Insulation Strapping

Insulation Strapping

Insulation strapping, also known as insulation straps, is an adjustable accessory for securing and supporting insulation in various applications. Insulation strapping is a key component in insulation systems and is often made of durable materials like steel or nylon. It helps prevent the movement or sagging of insulation for long-last thermal, acoustic, and fire protection effectiveness.

Insulation straps are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and marine settings for structural support and stability for insulation blankets, wraps, and other forms of insulation. Insulation strapping is versatile, coming in different sizes and widths to secure any insulation project.

We offer insulation straps that provide proper insulation alignment and maintain the thermal performance of the insulation material so you can have reliable insulation installations.


Insulation Fasteners

Insulation fasteners are essential for securing insulation materials to various surfaces so the installation can have a stable and long-lasting application.

Insulation fasteners come in a variety of forms, including weld pins, anchors, and mechanical fasteners, each tailored to specific applications. For example, weld pins are often used for attaching insulation to metal surfaces through welding for a durable bond. Anchors, on the other hand, are extremely versatile and can secure insulation to multiple surfaces. Mechanical fasteners include screws and clips and are great for easy installation and accessibility for maintenance and service purposes.

We can supply any insulation fastener you may need and are happy to make suggestions based on factors like insulation type, surface material, and environmental conditions.

Insulation Tapes

Insulation tape, also known as insulating tape, is essential for a multitude of applications. It is a versatile product that is often made of a durable adhesive on one side to bond to the insulation and a strong backing that is usually resistant to hot temperatures and mildew growth.

Insulation tape is used to seal the seams of various types of insulation to help create the barrier that protects the systems underneath. The seals made by insulation tape are crucial for ensuring that the insulation can function for thermal, acoustic, and fire protection purposes. Insulation tape also aids with creating a stable environment under the insulation to mitigate mold and mildew growth.

There is also special pipe insulation tape that acts as a one-step insulation system. Pipe insulation tape stops sweating and dripping on cold pipes and mitigates heat loss on hot-water pipes. It is a cost-efficient and easy method to protect pipes and provide all the benefits of insulation.

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