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At Crossroads C&I, we distribute top insulation products, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with Canadian-owned Integrity Products. Integrity building products are long-lasting and dependable so your systems can be protected from corrosion under insulation (CUI). Fulfilling needs for inspection ports, drain plugs, and water indicators, Integrity Products is an excellent brand for corrosion under insulation solutions. 

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We carry the CUI brands that are known for their durability and longevity. We are committed to supplying you with proven and premium CUI products.

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Water Indicator - Integrity Products CUI Mitigation

Water Indicators

Water indicators are essential solutions from Integrity Products that are especially useful for the oil and gas industry. They are corrosion under insulation (CUI) targeting tools to monitor the presence of water under insulation so that stakeholders know critical inspection points. Water indicator tools are made of reusable polyamid materials, which can be used in all weather conditions. 

Water indicators act as surveillance tools that can be installed as part of systems installed for CUI detection. They can be fitted on all conventional insulation systems and are available with a fire-rated adaptor. Once installed, water indicators will signal 24-48 hours when exposed to water so the insulation system can be checked and moisture removed to help prevent CUI. Afterwards, the water indicator can be reset to be reused again and again. 

We offer water indicators from Integrity Products, giving you access to tools, products, and accessories that can help prevent you from paying for costly damages that can occur from water and moisture sitting on pipe, duct, and other systems.

2 Drain Plugs - Integrity Products CUI Mitigation

Drain Plugs

Another solution from Integrity Products are its drain plugs, which provide extra protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). These drain plugs are made with flame-resistant, non-combustible Polyphenylene Sulfide Black (PPS) for a safe and reliable CUI mitigation solution that enables any water or moisture that infiltrates the insulation system to drain out freely. 

Drain plugs are used alongside metal jacketing and caulking/sealants to create a system that is designed to mitigate and prevent damage and decay that is caused by corrosion brought on by trapped moisture under insulation. 

On top of that, drain plugs are versatile and can be adjusted to suit the insulation thickness by breaking or cutting the drain plug to the required length. Drain plugs from Integrity Products are another one of our supplies that are easy to install and long-lasting so you can protect your systems from rust and decay.

Integrity Products Inspection Ports

Inspection Ports

One of the solutions from Integrity Products is its offering of insulation inspection ports. They provide large, safe, and repeat access for monitoring insulated assets, such as piping systems. These ports are made with an innovative flexible metal design so the plug can conform to any condition. The insulation inspection ports are easy to install and designed to be easily identifiable for inspection and maintenance. 

Integrity building products come in a large variety of sizes and are made to last. Integrity’s insulation inspection ports have a service life of 25 years, helping you to monitor your valuable systems so they are not damaged or decayed from corrosion caused by moisture.

Additionally, insulation inspection ports minimize the risk of CUI by maintaining a watertight, re-sealable inspection point. Consistent with our other insulation supply offerings, we are dedicated to distributing products that help to maintain the integrity of assets and their systems.

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