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Custom Insulation Fabrication

Our custom insulation fabrication offerings are the best choice for applications requiring complex shapes and sizes. They are especially advantageous for our customers needing pre-fabricated insulation products in industrial, commercial, and marine settings.

Our custom insulation fabrication is designed to help with complex insulation needs so you can cut labor costs and keep pace with your project without any delays. Maximize efficiency on your site with our custom insulation fabrication. 

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Custom Covers

Custom covers are cost-efficient and energy-saving insulation solutions that are typically removable and reusable. They are designed to cover mechanical equipment and other systems and provide protection from harsh conditions while still keeping the system accessible for maintenance and inspections. Custom covers are commonly used throughout the power generation, refining, and petrochemical industries.

We’re the go-to fabricator for custom covers for our clientele in Eastern Canada. We have the expertise, technology, and equipment to offer removable and reusable insulation solutions for industrial and commercial process equipment. Given specifications and an open line of communication, we can fabricate tailored insulation covers for any application.


Air Barriers

Air barriers are made from different types of materials that are designed to be impermeable to airflow, helping to maintain temperatures within structures. An air barrier material is designed to be resistant to air leakage and to form a continuous plane around a building to mitigate and prevent uncontrolled air movement in and out of the building envelope.

Air barriers are manufactured in a variety of forms such as mechanically fastened building wraps, adhesive membranes, fluid-applied materials, insulating board stock, non-insulating board stock, spray polyurethane foam, and other materials. 

Crossroads C&I can custom fabricate air barriers for structures with unique architecture and shapes. With architectural drawings, we’d be happy to fabricate an air barrier that fulfills your insulation needs.


Aerogel Fabricated Products

Aerogel is an innovative insulation solution that is extremely lightweight and flexible. It is made by synthetically producing amorphous silica gel, which is then infused into a fabric to create aerogel insulation. Aerogel is known for providing thermal performance at a fraction of the thickness, with some offerings starting at 5mm thick.

Aerogel is often used in applications such as hot piping and equipment, dual temperature, towers, tanks, low- and high-temperature ducts, and fire protection. Some of these applications require insulation solutions that are tailored to irregular or complex shapes. We offer custom fabricated aerogel products so you can have lightweight and versatile that is precisely made for your project or needs.


CCI Fiberglass Pipe & Tank

CCI fiberglass pipe and tank wrap is a type of insulation that is designed for large piping and curved surfaces. It is made from inorganic glass fibers with pockets that trap air for ideal thermal insulation. Fiberglass is resistant to moisture and fire, making it a versatile insulation option to mitigate and prevent mildew, corrosion, and fire spread.

For fiberglass pipe insulation and solutions for tanks, custom fabrication may be needed. Pipes, tanks, and vessels can vary greatly in size and shape and Crossroads C&I has the expertise and equipment to fabricate fiberglass insulation solutions for various industrial, commercial, and marine applications.


CCI Mineral Wool Pipe & Tank

CCI mineral wool pipe and tank insulation is a type of insulation designed to protect and maintain temperatures for large pipes and the curved surfaces of tanks or vessels. Mineral wool pipe insulation is known for performing through a wide range of temperatures starting at ambient and operating up to 1200°F.

Mineral wool pipe insulation generally allows for easy installation; however,  when there are situations of hard-to-reach areas for insulation or complex shapes and sizes, custom fabrication needs to be ordered to create a mineral wool pipe insulation solution that fits precisely for corrosion and mildew mitigation and prevention. High-quality fabrication of mineral wool pipe insulation can greatly impact the insulation system’s ability to function optimally and we’re proud to offer those fabrication services.

Cross Rock PG product image

CrossRock PG

CrossRock PG is a semi-rigid mineral wool insulation board. It is a non-combustible, water-repellent, fire-resistant, and sound-absorbent insulation with low thermal conductivity. CrossRock is intended to be used as thermal and acoustic insulation in internal vertical distributive and separated partitions. 

CrossRockis engineered for parking garage under-decking applications and features a white polypropylene PSP facing (WMP 50) on one surface.

Crossroads C&I offers CROSSROCK fabrication for customized insulation solutions that are perfect for contributing to the construction of parking garages.


Jacketed Pipe

A jacketed pipe refers to piping that has a covering surrounding it to create a protective barrier. Jacketed pipes are often needed in outdoor environments prone to adverse weather or other atmospheres with harsh conditions. They are also used in situations where the piping system is carrying high temperature water or steam so that the temperature is maintained. Jacketed pipes are often installed to improve insulation system performance and the overall performance of the system it is covering.

Jacketed pipes are crucial to some mechanical and piping systems so it is important that the insulation has a precise fit. We can fabricate solutions for jacketed pipes of any size so your pipes are protected


Hot Water Tank Covers

Hot water tank covers are insulation blankets or jacketing engineered to reduce heat loss. They are usually made of materials known for thermal performance, such as fiberglass, enveloped in a reflective material, such as foil.

Hot water tanks can come in all shapes and sizes and can also run on different types of energy sources, including electricity or gas. With the variety of tanks, hot water tank covers often need to be tailored to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Crossroads C&I has invested in top-notch fabrication technology and equipment, making us the go-to fabricator for hot water tank covers. Any size and shape can be fabricated with detailed information from the manufacturer’s specifications.


Tracer Wrap

Tracer wrap is a type of insulation used to insulate small bore piping, glycol/steam tracing, and stainless steel tubing. It is typically made from fiberglass mat that is sewn together with silicone fiberglass cloth. Tracer wrap is an excellent insulation barrier for piping and tubes operating at high temperatures to maintain continuous operating temperature while still being removable for maintenance, such as accessing unions.

Tracer wrap is sold in sizes ranging in diameter and can be custom fabricated for tailored widths and lengths. We can fabricate custom tracer wrap products to provide functional and beneficial insulation in hard to access areas so your systems can operate efficiently while also not causing any heat-related harm to nearby personnel. 

Perlite - Industrial


Perlite is a type of insulation that is known for its non-combustible and water-resistant properties. It is often used as a high-temperature insulation for piping systems and equipment in the industrial processing and power generating industries.

Perlite often comes in pre-formed non-wicking pipe and block insulation. For applications that cannot use these pre-formed products, custom fabrication becomes necessary. Crossroads C&I can leverage its fabrication technology and equipment to create a perlite insulation solution that minimizes corrosion to outer pipe surfaces and equipment while also providing top-notch thermal insulation. The fabrication of custom perlite pieces can be especially useful for austenitic stainless steel applications to mitigate and prevent stress corrosion cracking.


Custom Insulation Fittings

Custom insulation fittings are in demand for various industrial, commercial, and marine applications. Fittings, such as elbows and tees, vary in shape, size, and position in the intended system and typically require insulation for optimal thermal performance. Insulation fittings act as necessary complements to those parts to ensure functionality of the system and safety for the personnel operating it.

We can make custom insulation fittings from a variety of materials, such as mineral wool. All we need from you to fulfill your insulation fitting order is the manufacturer’s drawing and/or specification. Then we’ll help you design a custom fitting cover to provide superior thermal insulation support.

various mitered insulation elbows

Mitered Insulation Elbows

Mitered insulation elbows, also known as elbow insulation, are insulation fittings that are made for complex shapes at elbows of mechanical systems. Elbow insulation is typically made of narrow mitered sections of fabricated insulation materials such as FOAMGLAS® or perlite and applied to a bend in a pipe. Regardless of the complexity to insulate a pipe, it still must be done to adhere to building code standards and help with thermal, acoustic, and fire protection performance. When attempting to insulate complex shapes manually, the process would typically require a lot of labor, resulting in increased costs.

To lower the demand of labor and costs, elbow insulation can be fabricated by trusted insulation partners like Crossroads C&I. Using our technology and fabrication equipment, we’d be happy to pre-fabricate elbow insulation in any size and arrange for delivery to your site. 


CCI Fit Engineered Elbows

Learn more about how this innovation can reduce labor and shipping costs, and increase safety and quality

Product manuals
Fabricated Board Products

Fabricated Board Products

Fabricated board products are essential components for systems incorporating the use of insulation with metal mesh or lathes. Insulation board often uses rigid mineral wool made from basalt, a volcanic rock, and bound with a thermosetting resin. Fabricated board is used throughout various industrial, commercial, and marine applications.

For insulation fabrication, fabricated board products are versatile for manufacturing customized insulation solutions. For example, they are often used for insulating cokers, which is typically a time-consuming process to install. Crossroads C&I can provide composite systems of fabricated board products and metal mesh or lathe, which can prove cost and labor-efficient in the field.

Faced Parking Garage Board

Faced Parking Garage Board

Faced parking garage board, also known as garage board, is a type of insulation that is specially made for parking garage and mechanical room ceiling and deck applications. Garage board is often required to satisfy building code insulation requirements for fire protection and safety reasons and have the added benefit of aiding with energy efficiency. 

Parking garages often take unique shapes to integrate into spaces in cities and other populated  areas. Crossroads C&I can supply parking garage contractors with custom insulation fabrication to fulfill building code requirements for these different spaces and help to ensure that the project is complete and up to standards.


Styrofoam XPS Fabrication

Styrofoam XPS, also known as XPS insulation, is a product made to have a rigid, closed-cell foam with a uniform void-free, micro cellular structure. XPS insulation is known for its ability to minimize heat gain and prevent surface condensation. Styrofoam XPS fabrication is particularly beneficial to stakeholders with systems needing resistance to water, water vapor, and wet freeze-thaw cycling. 

XPS insulation is commonly used for valve and fitting coverings, pipe covering, and equipment lagging. This versatile insulation becomes even more valuable when it is precision fabricated by Crossroads C&I to meet the specifications for nearly any piping and fitting applications. 

Fabrication Polyisocyanurate

Polyisocyanurate Fabrication

Polyisocyanurate foam is a type of closed-cell insulation that offers excellent resistance to heat transfer. Its composition makes polyisocyanurate fabrication a valuable and versatile process, allowing the material to be fabricated into various shapes that can fulfill the majority of insulation applications. Polyisocyanurate has been fabricated by Crossroads C&I for different uses such as pipe and vessel insulation as well as core materials for structural panels.

Polyisocyanurate is available in a wide range of densities and strengths so it can be leveraged for custom fabrication and fulfill the needs of your specific project, providing significant savings in installation time and materials.


FOAMGLAS® Fabrication

FOAMGLAS® is the preferred cellular glass insulation known for its thermal and acoustic performance on piping systems. Given the versatility of FOAMGLAS, the demand for FOAMGLAS fabrication is high.

Crossroads C&I is a top Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS fabricator with years of experience to manufacture all of your FOAMGLAS needs. We are dedicated to fabricating FOAMGLAS products that are outside of our standard pipe coverings and fittings so you can effectively and efficiently insulate your project, structures, and equipment.

Some of our FOAMGLAS fabrication solutions include insulation for Victaulic, unions, reducers, and curved segments for large diameter pipe. The well-known quality that comes with FOAMGLAS combined with our fabrication expertise makes for an insulation service and product that you know will fit perfectly for a long-lasting insulation application.

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