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Perlite, also known as perlite insulation, is an industrial solution with a unique name that often begs the question: What is perlite? As insulation experts, we’re confident in explaining to our customers that perlite is a lightweight granular material derived from volcanic glass which forms when obsidian comes into contact with water. It is resistant to water absorption, making perlite an excellent for stainless steel pipes, vessels, and equipment to minimize corrosion to outside surfaces while providing top-notch mechanical insulation.

Perlite insulation can be made in different forms including those for piping. Perlite pipe insulation is a pre-formed, non-wicking solution that is non-combustible and great for high-temperature applications such as stainless steel pipes and vessels in the industrial processing and power generating industries. Crossroads C&I is equipped to distribute perlite in pre-formed piping sections as well as block insulation. 

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