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Marine Mineral Wool

Marine mineral wool insulation is a type of noncombustible insulation that is an excellent choice for various maritime applications such as boilers, vessels, and piping systems.

This lightweight mineral wool insulation is designed to help with ideal thermal and fire protection performance. It is distributed in various forms, including mineral wool board and blanket. We’re the trusted insulation partner to offer marine fire protection products and have certificates of approval from the US Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and Lloyd’s Register.

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Featured Brands

We carry the marine mineral wool brands you trust that are known for their durability and longevity. We are committed to supplying you with proven and premium marine mineral wool insulation products.

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ProRox PS960 is a non-combustible stone wool insulation solution that is formed into mandrel wound pipe sections. It is produced with a water-repellent binder called WR-Tech, which is an innovation developed by our trusted partner, ROCKWOOL (the company that also manufactures ProRox PS960). This binder included in the insulation mitigates the risk of corrosion under insulation, making it a reliable insulation solution for moisture-intense marine applications.

ProRox PS960 is a highly durable insulation that is distributed in sections which are split and hinged for easy snap-on assembly. This solution is an excellent choice to act as thermal and acoustic insulation for steam and process pipes found in marine environments. ROCKWOOL also offers a reinforced aluminum foil facing and self-adhesive tape for the insulation upon request.

For maritime applications where moisture and fire protection are crucial concerns, ProRox PS960 provides energy conservation, personnel protection, and passive fire protection in one affordable and pre-formed solution. Crossroads C&I is the preferred distributor of ProRox PS960 and you can contact one of our experienced team members to learn more today.

SEAROX® Marine Board & Blanket Insulation

SEAROX marine board and blanket insulation is a type of non-combustible mineral wool insulation product designed for thermal and fire protection required in marine applications. It is manufactured by our trusted insulation partner, ROCKWOOL.

SEAROX marine board and blanket insulation is lightweight mineral wool insulation that is fire-resistant with a high-temperature melting point. It is a special type of mineral wool insulation that is water and moisture repellant, yet vapor permeable, making it ideal for marine applications.

Specially made for marine and offshore applications such as boilers, vessels, tanks, ducts, ovens, mufflers, and exhaust stacks, SEAROX marine board and blanket insulation is the preferred solution for safe ships and vessels.

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