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Vents / Drains

Vents and drains are crucial components of a successful insulation ventilation system that mitigates and prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI). They are normally parts of a system that work together to promote airflow along the insulation system to limit moisture and condensation build-up in the insulation. An insulation ventilation system can also assist in drying out wet insulation and mitigate damage that can be caused from a wet atmosphere.

Vents and drains for insulation ventilation systems are made from materials such as industrial-grade rubber, which is known for its physical strength and resistance to harmful effects from the weather, ozone, UV, and chemicals.

The vents in an insulation ventilation system are designed to protect the insulation from water entry while promoting airflow along the insulation system. The gravity-assisted drains are designed to create a drainage point for moisture entry while also promoting airflow along the insulation system. Both vents and drains are installed throughout insulation ventilation systems for optimal functionality. Crossroads C&I offers a wide range of products and supplies for a long-lasting insulation ventilation system.

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