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At our Montreal branch, situated on 4355 Rue Hickmore Montreal, QC H4T 1S5, we’re strategically positioned to be the go-to hub for all of your industrial, commercial, and marine insulation distribution and fabrication needs.

Our Montreal branch is one of our 14 distribution centers and fabrication facilities throughout Canada, making us the leading distributor of insulation products as well as a reliable network of branch locations.

Everything you need for insulation near you is available at Crossroads C&I. We distribute a wide range of insulation supplies including industrial, commercial, and marine products, corrosion prevention, oilfield supply, fire protection, and HVAC products as well as removable covers and accessories. Plus, all of our locations are operated by experienced and helpful insulation experts that will help you find exactly what you need. Contact your Montreal Crossroads C&I team today!

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Featured Insulation Products in Montreal

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At Crossroads C&I, we offer a wide range of industrial insulation for high-performance pipes and vessels, including mineral wool, fiberglass, calcium silicate, and more. Our industrial insulation solutions are designed to meet the safety needs of a wide range of industrial applications, including refineries, energy power plants, petrochemical facilities, pulp & paper mills, chemical plants, and breweries and distilleries.

Our pipe and vessel insulation supplies effectively reduce noise while providing excellent thermal performances, and fire and water resistance for the protection of personnel and equipment, as well as the planet.


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Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool

Our mineral wool is an excellent choice for different pipe and vessel applications, especially in industrial settings with higher temperatures. This lightweight and easy-to-install insulation is designed to help with ideal thermal performance. Distributed in different forms, like mineral wool board, blanket, and pipe insulation, our mineral wool insulation maximizes the control of processes to reduce operating costs and increase energy savings for a multitude of applications.

Foamglas - Industrial


FOAMGLAS® is cellular glass insulation that is distributed as porous glass foam. It is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning in a basic block form that can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes, thicknesses and sizes to satisfy various industrial insulation requirements.

FOAMGLAS insulation is the preferred industrial insulation for industrial industries due to its safety, durability, sustainability, and affordability advantages. For piping and equipment, FOAMGLAS pipe insulation is an excellent choice due to other material benefits, such as its flexibility, zero water vapor permeability, moisture resistance, fire protection, and corrosion resistance.

This versatile insulation can be used on different applications including low temperature pipe, equipment, tanks and vessels, medium and high temperature pipes and equipment , hot oil and hot asphalt storage tanks, heat transfer fluid systems, hydrocarbon processing systems, chemical processing systems, above ground and underground steam and chilled water piping, and ductwork.

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Metal Vessel Heads

Metal vessel heads are precut miters that are composed of two distinct sides: one bead side and one side with an underlap. These metal vessel heads provide mechanical properties that are essential for the functionality of the vessel or tank. At Crossroads C&I, metal vessel heads can be fabricated to any size and head type including elliptical and hemispherical. We can make peels using various materials such as stainless and aluminum, both of which are smooth and stucco embossed.

As an experienced and trusted metal fabricator, Crossroads C&I is the preferred choice for tailor-made metal vessel heads that meet high industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

Firestopping Strips

Firestopping strips are fire protection products that are inserted in construction voids, such as penetrations through which pipes or ducts pass. They are highly flexible bands of material designed to be wrapped around the pipes or ducts in order to help prevent the spread of fire or smoke through places such as walls, floor assemblies, or ceilings.

Firestopping strips act as protective barriers and are essential for passive fire protection in structures. When firestopping strips are exposed to fire, they expand to seal the penetration, which helps to slow or stop the fire.

We offer a variety of affordable and easy-to-install firestopping strips that act as added fire protection in structures, regardless of whether they are used in new construction or retrofit applications. Firestopping strips are essential parts of comprehensive fire protection systems for any structure.

We Provide Leading Insulation Supplies In Montreal

Your search for the best insulation companies in Montreal can stop now because Crossroads C&I is the leading insulation distributor in Canada. As the preferred insulation company near you, we carry popular insulation products including fiberglass, mineral wool, Foamglass, XPS, and more for industrial, commercial, and marine applications. Plus, our Montreal location also offers fabrication services with innovative technology and trusted equipment. Contact your Montreal branch today!

Branch Service Areas in Montreal

  • Montreal
  • Sherbrooke
  • 3 Riviere
  • Drummondville

Serving Commercial and Industrial Industries in Montreal

When searching for insulation suppliers near you, there may be difficulties finding exactly what you need for your project. Crossroads C&I is the largest insulation distributor and fabricator in Canada and one of the reasons for that is because of the wide range of customers we serve. Crossroads C&I has offerings for nearly everyone whether you’re an insulation contractor, industrial buyer, commercial or mechanical contractor, reseller, acoustical client, or food processing company–we’ve got you covered for insulation supplies. Contact us today!

We Supply Montreal with Top Insulation Brands

As the leading insulation company in Montreal, we’re proud to distribute the top insulation brands you can trust. With more than 60 years of experience in the insulation industry, we know what quality looks like: it’s in the product, the delivery, and the customer service. Crossroads C&I carries the insulation products you know and trust including Johns Manville, 3M, ROCKWOOL, and Monokote. Contact the team at our Montreal branch to learn more about the best insulation products for your project.

Why Choose Crossroads as Your Montreal Insulation Supplier

Not all insulation suppliers are created equal. If you’re looking for a leading insulation company near you, Crossroads C&I is it. In addition to carrying top brands with superior products, we also pride ourselves on doing it right the first time. Crossroads C&I is committed to being the best insulation supplier in Montreal through quality assurance practices that are carried out with strategic systems to help ensure that our customers receive the right products for their projects.

We Provide Leading Insulation Fabrication Services to Montreal

As the leading insulation company in Montreal, we go above and beyond in the insulation industry by offering insulation fabrication services. For complex sizes and shapes or unique customization requirements, Crossroads C&I can provide you with high-quality fabrication services. We’ve strategically built our fabrication services through investments in innovative technology, equipment, and facilities. Leveraging designs and experts, we’re the top fabricator for custom insulation and metal needs. Contact your Montreal branch to learn more about our fabrication services today!

Branch Features

Dedication to Safety

Crossroads C&I prioritizes health and safety at all of our 14 branches, with the goal of a secure environment for employees, customers, and guests. In regions with stringent safety programs and recognition certificates, we ensure that eligible branches earn and maintain safety certifications. We believe that fostering a safe work environment acts as the foundation upon which to build a professional and trustworthy business.

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Exceptional Customer Service

With more than 60 years of industry experience, our insulation expertise is extensive and reliable. We are the partner of choice for insulation customers throughout Canada, providing exceptional product value and customer service that helps you enhance your own reputation and drive expansion opportunities. Each and every one of our employees is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations for the best customer service around.

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Reliable Product Availability

We’re known to our customers as the one-stop-shop for all their insulation, metal, fabrication, and accessories needs. We lead the industry for product availability with our wide selection of insulation products from trusted manufacturers. With our network of branches throughout the region, we can quickly deliver products to job sites to keep your projects running smoothly.

Health & Safety

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Crossroads C&I prioritizes creating safe and healthy workspaces across all of our branch locations.

Quality Assurance

We Get It Right The First Time

Quality assurance is crucial to us. We help ensure excellence in product quality, storage, and delivery.

Industry Experience

We Deliver Exceptional Value and Service

With our extensive industry experience and expertise, we are a partner of choice for our customers.

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