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Located on 2565 Rue Watt Sainte-Foy, QC G1P 3T2, your Sainte-Foy Crossroads C&I branch is your experienced insulation distributor near you, packed full of top-notch insulation supplies as well as reliable insulation experts.

We carry a broad range of supplies to meet your industrial, commercial, and marine project needs, including corrosion prevention, oilfield supply, fire protection, and HVAC products as well as removable covers and accessories. As the leading insulation distributor in Canada, your local Crossroads C&I team, backed by experience and knowledge, is ready to help you find exactly what you need.

Get in touch with your trusted Crossroads C&I team at 2565 Rue Watt Sainte-Foy, QC G1P 3T2 today!

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Featured Insulation Products in Sainte-Foy


Fiberglass/Glass Wool Insulation

Fiberglass insulation, also known as glass wool insulation, is a type of insulation that is composed of fine glass fibers. It is a thermal, acoustical, incombustible, and moisture-resistant solution for various pipe and equipment applications. It is designed to be installed on hot, cold, concealed, and exposed piping systems with temperatures up to 850°F (454°C).

Our fiberglass insulation products come in different forms including pre-formed sections for pipes and rolls for large-diameter pipes and tank wrap.

Fabricated Board Products

Fabricated Board Products

Fabricated board products are essential components for systems incorporating the use of insulation with metal mesh or lathes. Insulation board often uses rigid mineral wool made from basalt, a volcanic rock, and bound with a thermosetting resin. Fabricated board is used throughout various industrial, commercial, and marine applications.

For insulation fabrication, fabricated board products are versatile for manufacturing customized insulation solutions. For example, they are often used for insulating cokers, which is typically a time-consuming process to install. Crossroads C&I can provide composite systems of fabricated board products and metal mesh or lathe, which can prove cost and labor-efficient in the field.


Custom Insulation Fittings

Custom insulation fittings are in demand for various industrial, commercial, and marine applications. Fittings, such as elbows and tees, vary in shape, size, and position in the intended system and typically require insulation for optimal thermal performance. Insulation fittings act as necessary complements to those parts to ensure functionality of the system and safety for the personnel operating it.

We can make custom insulation fittings from a variety of materials, such as mineral wool. All we need from you to fulfill your insulation fitting order is the manufacturer’s drawing and/or specification. Then we’ll help you design a custom fitting cover to provide superior thermal insulation support.


Commercial Accessories

For easy and efficient installation of commercial insulation, contractors need to be supplied with high-quality insulation accessories. We offer a comprehensive range of dependable commercial accessories coming in all different sizes, shapes, and quantities. Our goal is to provide you with the best accessories in the market to help you with the commercial insulation installation process.

Our offerings include:

  • Adhesives, mastics, and duct sealants designed for longevity

  • Heavy-duty weld pins, fasteners, and anchors

  • Sturdy insulation tapes

  • Superior caulking supplies

  • Easy-to-use insulation tools

As your one-stop shop for insulation accessories, we offer a complete line of products that are the perfect complement to our high-quality commercial insulation solutions. Elevate the performance of your commercial insulation with our top-tier commercial accessories.

We Provide Leading Insulation Supplies In Sainte-Foy

Your search for the best insulation companies in Sainte-Foy can stop now because Crossroads C&I is the leading insulation distributor in Canada. As the preferred insulation company near you, we carry popular insulation products including fiberglass, mineral wool, Foamglass, XPS, and more for industrial, commercial, and marine applications. Plus, our Sainte-Foy location also offers fabrication services with innovative technology and trusted equipment. Contact your Sainte-Foy branch today!