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Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Response to COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is changing every minute, and we are actively monitoring the latest developments to ensure we deliver exceptional service to our customers.

The safety of everyone in the DI family - from our associates to our customers to our suppliers - is our top priority. we are currently focused on protecting the health of our employees and customers, enabling a remote workforce, and providing the level of support and quality you deserve.

We're Open for Business

Many of our customers are businesses providing "life sustaining" or "essential" services - like power generation plants and refineries - and we deliver the materials they need to operate. They depend on us, and therefore we are an essential business as well and plan to remain open until otherwise notified by a government authority.

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New Product Line Announcement


As your one stop shop for all insulation, metal, fabrication and accessory products, Crossroads C & I is pleased to announce the addition of Asbestos Abatement and Mould Remediation products to support our customers with the safe removal and disposal of potentially hazardous materials. Crossroads can provide you with abatement solutions from premier manufacturers such as 3M, HB Fuller, Nashua, Polyken and many more.

These products will allow workers to safely remove dangerous substances from mechanical systems and building infrastructure while protecting themselves and the surrounding environment from harmful exposure. Please contact us for assistance with your abatement and remediation material requirements. Crossroads C & I is ready to support the successful execution of your projects.


Featured Product

A New Technology in Vessels

and Vessel Head Insulation

Crossroads C&I is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated insulated vessels and vessel heads. In our quest to constantly pursue innovation as a means to solve industry wide issues we now have in place an automated computer programed milling unit which cuts the insulation block into “three dimensional tiles”. This new advancement in fabrication technology surpasses any previous methodologies on numerous levels – We’re here to help!

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the installation time significantly to insulate a vessel head
  • Shortens the schedule of the overall project which allows for optimization of project resources and budget forecasting
  • Improves quality, fit and finish by less field cutting
  • Larger tiles cuts down on breakage as opposed to the larger number of smaller tiles done conventionally which increases the staging and installation time
  • Less sealant/buttering given the minimal tiles installed to cover the vessel surface which yields less sealant materials and reduces costs
  • With less seams this has the potential of improving the overall thermal performance of the vessel unit
  • Custom labelling system within each tile plus a complete mapping installation guide is attached to each order which speeds up the fabrication time of the job at site and decreases the chance for errors during installation

Product Description

The profile of these tiles matches the curvature of the head or subsequent insulation layers. The cutting unit not only calculates how to cut the contour and edges of each insulation tile but this computer aided program provides the maximum size of insulation tiles per surface area. Each insulation piece is then identified through our inscribed tiling system and a layout drawing is provided for site installation.

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Please contact your local Crossroads C&I branch for pricing.