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Prefabricated Vessel & Vessel Head Insulation Solution



As your one stop shop for all insulation, metal, fabrication and accessory products, Crossroads C&I is proud to inform you of this feature product for the industrial insulation market.

Crossroads C&I is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated vessel and vessel head insulation and metal. Precision cut to fit any diameter and curvature of vessel, the curved segments and peels will eliminate the need for costly field fabrication and will help in reducing your overall labour cost. Each vessel head is packaged and shipped by tier and comes with an installation guide for ease of application on site. Available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel as well as Mineral Wool, Foamglas, Calcium Silicate and various types of Foam insulation.

Please contact your Crossroads C&I Technical Sales Representative for more information.